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Sovaldi (Brand)

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Sovaldi 400mg (24 pills)
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Sofosbuvir is a new peroral nucleotide analog inhibitor of NS5B RNA polymerase capable of suppressing the hepatitis C virus replication. A number of clinical studies have demonstrated high efficacy of Sofosbuvir and the drug’s strong capability of curing patients with hepatitis C within a short period of time. Sofosbuvir can be administered only as a component of combination therapy. In some cases, the use of this drug will allow to replace Interferon (which causes a number of adverse effects and has some contraindications) in a standard therapy scheme. As opposed to Interferon, Sofosbuvir is much better tolerated. Patients receiving Sofosbuvir during the course of clinical studies have reported some adverse effects such as headache, fatigue, insomnia. Those side effects had low intensity and didn’t impede therapy continuation.